Raw feeding




I have been feeding my dogs a raw diet for the past 10+ years and thoroughly recommend it.

All my dogs, including puppies are fed on raw food. I do not insist that puppies bred by me must remain on a raw diet, but I do hope that their new owners will at least consider it as a suitable diet for their new charge.

But just incase new owners want to change their puppy's diet and feed complete, I do introduce my puppies to a complete food when they reach 6 weeks old, just to make sure their tummies can tolerate it and I always include a small amount in the puppy pack that accompanies each pup when it goes to its' new home.


Dogs of all breeds, like people are suffering from many autoimmune problems these days and like people, they are usually expected to exist on a diet of processed food, often laden with colourants and additives. Is it any wonder then that our poor dogs end up with itchy skin and other allergic problems, or are hyperactive?


Years ago, when I first started breeding pedigree dogs, it was normal to either feed canned food, raw meat, household scraps, or a mixture of all of these. Then we were introduced to dry food, which was also known as "convenience diet" because that's exactly what it was. It was 'convenient' to open a sack and pour out a measured quantity of dry food, rather than waste time mixing up meat & biscuit etc.

Over time, these convenience foods became more and more popular and so more pet food companies started to manufacture them and gradually the name changed to "complete diet" We became brainwashed into believing that this was the only way to feed our dogs. Infact some people, including some vets have been brainwashed into believing that to dare to feed a raw diet is unnatural!

Well everyone is entitled to there own opinion, but I would strongly advise anyone thinking of owning a dog to research the subject of raw diet versus complete diet. There are many sites on the internet which give loads of information on the subject.