Things I Miss Since I Developed MS








             I Miss



                                                       My dignity

Being able to walk. Running was good too.

Going upstairs, I have no idea what it looks like up there

Being able to get myself into and out of bed.

Lying down in bed and being able to sleep on my side.

Having feeling in my fingers and toes.

Being able to hold and use a normal knife and fork.

Being able to hold a pen and write.

Using a loo like everyone else.

A soak in the bath. I hate showers.

Preparing and cooking a meal.

Makeing a cup of tea.

Being able to jump in my van and drive wherever I want, whenever I want.

Handling my dogs in the showring.

The close bond between me and my dog when we worked as one
in the ring. My dogs do not respond to me in the same way anymore.

Being able to get on the floor to whelp a bitch and play
with tiny pups.

Judging dogs at home and abroad.

Having a holiday abroad somewhere warm n sunny. In fact
having a break away from home, with the exception of a hospital stay.

Walking barefoot in the sand and paddling in the sea.

Going for a walk somewhere remote and rugged.

My goats.