About me




Name: Gill Bingham
Home town: Dudley

Stubborn…...headstrong…..annoying.... sensitive…. shy.…amusing…. honest….loyal.





I have been called all of these, and more. All are true and I am not ashamed of any of them, because it is the truth!






My stubbornness and sometimes headstrong nature has been at the root of my successful career in dogs. Annoying to those who deem it necessary to unfairly or jealously criticise my dogs or friends.



A sensitive, somewhat shy person who does not enjoy being the centre of attention, I find that acting the fool and being amusing helps at such times. Besides, it can get mighty boring being serious all the time.



Honesty in all things, especially regarding the health, welfare and judging of dogs, has stood me in good stead for the past thirty years.



I cherish and loyally support my close friends, regardless of their beliefs or ideals,




This is who I am, my name is Gill Bingham and I have been involved with pedigree dogs since 1972 when I bought my first elkhound. A bitch called Silesian Melody (Susie). Although she was bought as a pet, she was to become the foundation Norwegian Elkhound bitch of the Steldawn kennel.



In 1983 I bought my first Akita, she was from the first litter to be registered in the UK and was to become my soul mate and I adored her. I bred several litters of Akitas over a ten year period, but found the responsibility of finding the right homes for this wonderful, but complex breed, too overwhelming, plus I had more than my fair share of health problems in various litters. I found I could not face losing my dogs due to irreversible skin problems etc, aged seven years or less. Ironically, my last home bred akita lived a happy healthy life until he was 13 years old!


I tried for many years to ignore the Shiba Inu, telling myself that I had enough to deal with owning both Elkhounds & Akitas, but eventually found I could not resist their charms any longer and aquired my first one in 1991. Since then I have become completely hooked.